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Rupestre - Nare Route


Summer season: December 15 to April 30. You go to Ciudad de Piedra and sunset on the river. You do not see the Colors river but you go to Laguna Negra.  You can see the Raudal.  

Winter season: May 1 to December 15. You go to Ciudad de Piedra and Los Pozos.  You can see the Colors river.  Raudal and Laguna Negra are not seen.


Day 1

Rupestrian Route

6:00 A.M: Beginning of the tour from San José.

8:00 A.M: Breakfast at the Chontaduro farm.

-Visit to Cerro Azul to observe ancestral pictograms. 

We will explore the Cavern of Cerro Pinturas.

- Visit to the Cerro Pinturas viewpoint. 

13:30 P.M: Picnic lunch at farms in the area. 

17:30 P.M: Return from the tour. 

19:00 P.M: Dinner

- Distance 4 kilometers and 4 hours of tour.

Day 2

Nare Route, Pink Dolphin.

6:00 A.M: Breakfast

7:00 A.M: Beginning of the tour to the Damas del Nare Lagoon. 

9:00 A.M.: Walk through the forest to the Laguna Damas del Nare.  

10:00 A.M: Sighting of river dolphins and possible recreational swim in the lagoon. 

13:30 PM: Picnic lunch at the community farms. 

Return from the tour. 

- End of itinerary

Prices per person

1 persona $999 USD

2 personas $621 USD

3 a 5  personas $490 USD

6 a 10 personas $299 USD


Local guide and English translator

Accommodation in a hotel in San José del Guaviare in multiple accommodations with fan.

2 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 2 snacks.

4x4 transportation for tourist routes.

Local guide

Motorized canoe on the Nare Route

Payment of income and permits in the attractive properties.

Contributions for tourist sites. 

Medical assistance insurance


Does not include

x Non-stipulated expenses

x Tourist taxes

x Gratuities

x Alcoholic beverages

x Air tickets

x Additional costs due to flight delays or itineraries that do not depend on Colombia Oculta's logistics.

x Airport taxes

Additional Services

Issuance of commercial airline tickets.

 Hotel room with air conditioning: 20 USD per person

Speedboat to navigate to Nare.

Indigenous evening or route: as an added value, in one night an ethno-cultural show could take place in a reservation very close to the urban area of San José del Guaviare, where you will share and live gastronomic experiences, handicrafts and indigenous dances of Tukanos, one of the largest linguistic families of the Colombian Amazon region.

General Recommendations

Long sleeve shirts

Long pants


Hiking boots


Hat or cap



Waterproof clothing

Quick-drying towel

Waterproof poncho

Head flashlight

Thiamine five days in advance

Personal water thermos

Trekking pole (optional).


Identification documents


Please note that Colombia Oculta is not responsible:

Due to flight delays and airline difficulties. 

Mechanical and meteorological difficulties that force carriers to cancel or modify itineraries. 

Material or immaterial damages that you may suffer due to loss, damage or theft of baggage or objects. These risks are assumed by you for the duration of the trip.

Duties of Travelers:

Respect the culture, beliefs, traditions and habits of the locals.

Make proper use of the facilities and resources such as water and energy where you visit.

Respect biodiversity. 

Comply with current regulations to prevent sexual exploitation of minors. Or denounce in case of evidence. 

Not to have discriminatory or excluding behavior with other travelers, collaborators and communities with whom you share the experience.

Abide by the recommendations of the guides and experience advisors for each tour.

Booking and Payment Processes

Reserve at least 5 days in advance.

Contact us to start the Pre-Reservation process: reservas@colombiaoculta.org

Tell us if you need air tickets and the dates of your trip.

Once the Pre-Reservation is assigned choose the METHOD OF PAYMENT:

Option 1:

International bank transfer consignment:

Bancolombia. Savings account # 33600026475


To the name of Colombia Oculta SAS NIT 900207968

Send via mail (reservas@colombiaoculta.org) the proof of payment with name, ID number or passport copy of the passengers and age.

Option 2:

Credit Card (To do this you must already have a pre-booking assigned).


Wompi Bancolombia



If you are going to cancel your trip:

1. Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the departure date and 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded, apart from any deductions or penalties previously established by the suppliers, when the services are not used. This refund will be made within 30 calendar days from the date the claim is made. If the cancellation is not made 5 days in advance, the money will not be refunded. 

2. If the client does not show up for the trip, no refund will be made.

3. In the event that the user of the tourist services, fails to use the agreed services, whatever the cause, the Agency may require at its option the payment of 20% of the total price or rate established or retain the deposit or advance previously received from the user.

4. In fortuitous cases (climatic changes, natural disasters, landslides, mishaps in air, land or river transportation) in which the trip has to be cancelled, Colombia Oculta will return 90% of the deposit of the reservation. 

See Terms and Conditions of Colombia Oculta SAS

Why Colombia Oculta? 

Because we are conscious beings. We like to support native communities and we believe that tourism is one of the healthiest ways to grow the fair and solidary economy of the country. Because we weave relationships with indigenous communities and we like that the guides and people who collaborate with us are local and indigenous. But also whites, blacks, mestizos and people of all races. In the end we are all children of Mother Earth. Thank you for choosing us ;