Who are we?

We are explorers of the immensity, of the hidden and remote spots in Colombia. We are explorers who want to know nature and people´s scent. Explorers who visit a hummingbird or a family in the furthest region in the jungles:  places where you have to go by using all the possible transportation media, crossing all the mountains, rivers, savannas, desserts, and oceans. That is what we are: People from the mountain, persons who go further away, looking beyond the visible, looking for responses through the invisible. We are jungle, hill, rock, tribe, raudal, Guianese formation, pictogram, and specially MAGIC!

Literally Wild!

Ivan Macias

Director de Colombia Oculta

World Explorer


He enjoys arguing with animals to the point of bringing a smile to their faces.

Lisbeth Sintura

Operation and Customer Service in English.

Gentleness is its greatest quality :)

María Claudia Garavito

Sales Director

World traveler!

+57 3112396809

Josefa Anguita


Lover of healing through sound. 

Santiago Palacios

Administrative Assistant

Indigenous headquarters in Mitú

Great university student, graduated with honors.

Vincent Lorin

Servicio al Cliente Francés

Emprendedor por un mundo mas responsable

Amante de Colombia con ganas de compartir sus secretos

C E T A C E A N   A W A R E N E S S

Clau and Nata at Choibá Eco-Lodge. Looking at the infinity of the ocean from their terrace. Maybe a whale is jumping in the background.

T H E   M A J O R   V O L C A N O ES

Don Edgar. High Mountain Guide in the Coconucos Volcanoes. Coconucos Indigenous Reserve.

T H E.  R A I N B O W  R I V E R 

Don Armando and his friends at the Posada Don David in Caño Cristales.

Madre Selva Natural Reserve in Caño Cristales

We have a property of 50 hectares and 400 meters of riverbank of Caño Cristales in Macarena Meta. The intention is to take care of the forests that were previously cut down for overgrazing. Today we are consciously working to preserve this sanctuary of life in the most beautiful river in Colombia.