the ANACONDA path

Expedition to the Apaporis River and the TEPUYES of Morroco

Invitation to share the sacred dance of the Jaguar Men and Women, tradition of the Yurupari.

In the department of Vaupés, on the Cananarí river that flows into the great Apaporís, lives this small community of the lineage of the Men and women Jaguars of the Yurupary whose original and millenary traditions they have maintained for hundreds of years (Ethnic groups: Tucanos, Taibanos, Barasanos, Cubeos, Tatuyos, Besanos, Guananos): ANACONDA people. 

They invite us to their sacred ceremony of Kapi, sacred millenary dance of one night, in which the dancers use their elements of power such as feather crowns, canes, maracas and animals sacrificed to the gods, they do their dance in the Maloca (sacred house, cosmic mother), directed by the Great Spirit and guided by the shaman: Payé. The dances contain different names and rituals, with respect to the time of the year in which they are presented, according to their ecological calendar. This has been a time when the wise men have wanted to share with the white people their wonderful and healing knowledge. 

The sacred medicinal plants accompany the ritual with the ñopo (powdered toasted tobacco that is blown through the nose), the mambe, smoked tobacco wrapped in banana leaves and Kapi or Yagé.  

The invitation to the festival is for all those who feel the call to learn more about the ancient cultures of the Amazon and want to observe with respect (and without obligation to use the sacred plants), admiration, transformation and joy.

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June 9 - 14

Tickets 8 to 15

October 9 - 14

Tickets 8 to 15

January 2025, 15 - 20

Tickets 14 to 21

$ 2,080 USD

(Per person :)

From Mitú. Minimum quorum of 6 people´

Prices per person Private Expeditions

Let us know if you would like to travel there with your friends or family, on the dates you have available.

1 person $7,777 USD

2 persons $4,100 USD

3 to 5 persons $2,868 USD

6 to 10 persons $2,080 USD


The itinerary is a starting point for the dynamics done in the expedition. We have three purposes in the trip: One: The dance of the Jaguar tradition. Two: Visit to the Tepuy of Morroco. Three: Visit the Apaporis. We developed these three purposes with respect to the biorhythmic dynamics of the territory and the indigenous community.

DAYS before

-A few weeks before the Expedition. Preparatory meeting through video meeting. Technical aspects and recommendations from the Payés.

DAy 1

-Flight from Bogota to the city of Mitú, in the department of Vaupés. 

-We will take a private charter flight from Mitú to the indigenous village of Buenos Aires. This flight lasts approximately 40 minutes. 

-Reception in the community of Buenos Aires, a village in the middle of the jungle, whose runway is in grass. Only small planes land there, because the runway is not big enough for more. In this hamlet there is an Army group. 


-Navigation on the Cananari River by slow boat (2 hours through the jungle) to the community of Morroco. In this navigation we will observe the magic that makes the jungle and the river in the reflections generated by the water.

-Visit of the Maloka of the Morroco Community. Meeting with the traditional "sabedor" and greeting to the community. This Maloka is located in front of the Cerros de Morroco, spectacular tepuis that emerge from the jungle. 

-Traditional dinner based on fish, fariña and cassava (both of which come from the yucca brava and are very nutritious).

-Delivery of gifts for the community.

-Night of mambeo and traditional medicines. Taiban myths and stories.

-Night in a tent or hammock under a communal house in the community of Morroco.

DAy 2

-Traditional breakfast (No American breakfast).

-Navigation from the community of Morroco to the entrance of the Morroco Hills.

-3 hour hike (each carrying their own camping equipment) to the Morroco Hill. Visit to the Sardine Falls. Summit of the Morroco Hill with a view of the majesty of the jungle. In this place is La Ventana del Mundo (The Window of the World), an incredible place whose view is absolutely beautiful. 

-Visit Petroglyphs. Cave paintings of the ancestors, in whose drawings they left engraved mythological beings of the cosmogonic Taiban cultures. 

-Lunch on the way (bring personal snacks).

-Overnight camping in the caves of the Cerro de Morroco, under the stars and in the belly of the jungle. 

-Dinner at the camp.

DAy 3


-Return from the Morroco Hills to the community of Morroco (3 hours). Return navigation

-Lunch in the community of Morroco.

-Visit of the Chagras of Morroco, the orchards where the community grows cassava, pineapple, coca, tobacco and other plants used in their food and traditional sacred medicines.


-Ancestral Dance of the Yurupari. In which the community prepares itself to dialogue, dance and pray to their Gods. They prepare their feathers, reeds (flutes) and sacred attire to enter all night in a trance of songs, dance and joy. In an energetic circle, where the Payé (or shaman) leads the party in interconnection with the whole and with everyone.

-Night in the Maloca of Morroco. Guests can participate in the party or they can be observers. This is a magical event (without script and spontaneous) in danger of extinction. Besides being an intangible heritage of humanity declared by Unesco, it is an activity that the grandparents of the community have wanted to share with the whites (before they did not show it to the whites) because the tendency is that these dances disappear, because the young people (in the technological fact of globalization) are no longer practicing these sacred acts. Therefore with the presence of us as visitors, these dances are engraved in the memory of humanity, in their documentation and will not be forgotten.

DAy 4


-Morning rest and swim in the river, with a view of the Morroco Hills. 

-Boat ride to the Apaporis River (2 hours).


-Return and installation in the community of Buenos Aires.


-Lodging in Buenos Aires.

DAy 5


-Charter flight Buenos Aires - Mitú

-Transfer to the hotel in Mitú

-Lunch at a restaurant. 

-Hike to Cerro Urania in the city of Mitú. 


-Lodging at hotel in Mitú.

DAy 6


-Free morning in Mitú.


-Return flight to Bogota


Private charter flight: Mitú - Buenos Aires - Mitú

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners within the expedition from Mitú.

Navigation motor boat for 5 days.

Permits and payments arranged with the ACTIVA Indigenous Reserve.

Gasoline for the navigations.

Contributions to the wise men and shamans.

Permits and payments for lodging nights in the communities of Morroco and Buenos Aires. 

One night's lodging in basic hotel in Mitú. 

Expedition Leader Tour.

2 local guides during the entire expedition in the Apaporis.

Permits and entrance fees for the Hike to the Sacred Hill of Morroco and its cave paintings.

Cooking woman ;)

Inputs and permits for the visit to the Chagra (vegetable garden).

Inputs and permissions for the Ancestral Dance of the Yurupari tracion.

Transportation from the Mitú airport to the hotel and back.

Hike with local guide to Cerro Urania in Mitú.

$1,500,000 in Gift contributions for the entire community.

Medical Assistance Insurance (not covered in the Apaporis. Only in Mitú) AND Helicopter or air rescue insurance. 

Life jackets for the navigations. 

Ticket Bogotá - Mitú - Bogotá of the Tour Leader. 

Logistic operation of the whole expedition.

Not includes

x Satena tickets: Bogotá - Mitú - Bogotá (between $600,000 and $900,000)

x Refreshments

x Tourist tax in Mitú $33.000

x Expenses not stipulated

x Airport taxes (approximately $20.000)

x Cost overruns for flight delays or itineraries that do not depend on Hidden Colombia's logistics.

x Tents, hammocks, mosquito nets, insulation, sheets.

x Personal food utensils (plates, glasses, personal cutlery).

x In case of being forced to make an aerial rescue by plane or helicopter (which is not covered by travel policies) and if the agency team evaluates and decides to call this or any other type of rescue, it will be done, even without the patient's consent.  The user or his relatives will have to bear the expenses incurred in such rescue. Let's hope it never happens ;)

Additional Services

-Satellite phone rental

-Air ticket issuance: Bogota - Mitú - Bogota.

General Recommendations

Follow the guide's recommendations, follow the itinerary schedules, forget about your daily life and let yourself be impregnated by the natural beauty of the place. Connect your mind with the place and ask permission beforehand to Mother Nature to be in these sacred temples.  Do not pick up stones or carry them, as they may disturb the spiritual environment of the place. Walk in silence and bring: 

-A change of clothes for traveling on flights and ground travel. 

A change of clothes for walking (long pants that become shorts, long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt, tennis or walking boots or sandals for river).

Change of clothes for sleeping (long pants that convert into Bermuda shorts, long-sleeved shirt or T-shirt, tennis or walking boots or river sandals).

-Toiletries (toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc).

-If you are vegetarian bring your own food for us to prepare there. 

-Rubber boots

-Tennis shoes.


-Binoculars if you want to see birds. In Mitú we are going to look for the Cock of the Rock (Quietly!)

-Identity documents  

-Personal medication

-Bathing suit

-Water bottle

-Sun hat

-Blocker, natural without chemicals. Or do not use.

-Insect repellent (we recommend taking teamina a week before the trip) (abundant).

-Flashlight and spare batteries


-Solar powerbank (preferably to charge your camera and cell phone batteries).

-Ziploc bags of various sizes to store electronics.

-Everything stored in plastic bags

-Personal gear: Deep plate and plastic cup. Spoon, fork and knife.  

- Water purifying filter or purifying tablets (optional, we boil the water there).

-Small towel

-No camouflaged items

-Nights are spent in native houses. You sleep in an insulator, tent or hammock.

-Personal waterproof igloo tent that does not need to be nailed down (this if it is difficult for you to sleep in a hammock).

-Waterproof poncho. 

-Insulation or light mattress.

-Sleeping bag for 15°C (small compact).

-Be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus (not mandatory, we only suggest it).

-Hands free backpack of 35 Lt for trekking and hopefully everything stored in this backpack. 

-Regarding security, together with the local and environmental authorities, we coordinate with the National Army the permits and the places that can be visited for the visitor's peace of mind.

-The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and can reach up to 35 degrees with humidity.

-Some tours are done on unmarked trails. It is important to wear shoes with good grip and if possible a cane.

-Bathrooms are wooden rooms with septic tanks in rural areas and in the bush. 

-Take thiamine 15 days before to prevent mosquito bites. 

-Gifts for the communities. NOT MANDATORY, ONLY IF BORN FROM THE HEART: school supplies, notebooks, colors, paints, children's stories, fishing nylons, fishing hooks, rubber boots, clothes for children and adults, solar-powered lanterns or lamps, etc.

-The community (isolated tribe) lacks some specific elements that can be taken from Bogotá. If we ask them in advance, they can tell us their needs and maybe we can bring them the things they need. This is not mandatory.

Cancellation Policy

1. To cancel the trip must be made 5 days before the departure date and 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded, apart from the deductions or penalties previously established by the suppliers, when the services are not used. This refund will be made within 30 calendar days from the date the claim is made. If the cancellation is not made 5 days in advance, the money will not be refunded. 

2. If the client does not show up for the trip, no refund will be made.

3. In the event that the user of the tourist services, fails to use the agreed services, whatever the cause, the Agency may require at its option the payment of 20% of the total price or rate established or retain the deposit or advance previously received from the user.

4. In fortuitous cases (climatic changes, natural disasters, landslides, mishaps in air, land or river transportation) in which the trip has to be cancelled, Colombia Oculta will return 90% of the deposit of the reservation. 

See Terms and Conditions of Colombia Oculta SAS.

Reservation Processes

Pass the Application Form and the phone call. 

Reserve at least 5 days in advance.

Contact us to start the Pre-Reservation process:

Tell us if you need air tickets and your travel dates.

Once the Pre-Reservation is assigned choose the METHOD OF PAYMENT:

Option 1:

International bank transfer consignment:

Bancolombia. Savings account # 33600026475


To the name of Colombia Oculta SAS NIT 900207968

Send via mail ( the proof of payment with name, ID number or passport copy of the passengers and age. Different banks around the world charge different fees for international transfers. On average it is 2.5%. When the money arrives in our bank account, we will show you our bank statement to verify the amount you paid. This will be the valid value applied to your reservation. 

Option 2:

Credit Card (To do this you must already have a pre-booking assigned).


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Why Colombia Oculta? 

Because we are conscious beings. We like to support native communities and we believe that tourism is one of the healthiest ways to grow the fair and solidary economy of the country. Because we weave relationships with indigenous communities and we like that the guides and people who collaborate with us are local and indigenous. But also whites, blacks, mestizos and people of all races. In the end we are all children of Mother Earth. Thank you for choosing us ;)