Lost City Tour

"Teyuna" is the name given by the Kogui culture to the Lost City, who are the direct descendants of the Tayronas, where the wind whispers between the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the mist makes way for the Sacred City, the landscapes overflow with its inexhaustible beauty, where rivers and waterfalls wash and guard the history of this magical place discovered in 1976.

Ciudad Perdida is a sacred temple built with the inexhaustible indigenous creativity, lands of spiritual enchantment that our older brothers left us, to explore, contemplate and enjoy this majestic place. When you arrive to this place you must keep supreme respect and if you are in peace you will feel the magic and energy that is breathed there. For us it is extremely important the wisdom of our ancestors, we strive to keep their archaeological ruins intact and we care about preserving the environment in peace and harmony, sustainability is what will ensure that future generations can come to enjoy this wonderful place.

If your time is limited and you want to make the most of it while still getting to know this enchanting place, the 4-day tour to Ciudad Perdida is ideal for you. We have native guides of the region who are supremely prepared, some of them have more than 25 years of experience that will undoubtedly make your visit to the Lost City an enriching adventure never to forget.

plans offered in the lost city

4 days, 3 nights 

or 5 days, 4 nights

$651 USD

You can choose at your own pace either of the two options.

In the 5 days, 4 nights plan: you will have a new experience doing a tour of the waterfalls of the Sierra Nevada. 

Price per person in a shared group tour (in groups between 10 and 15 people).

If you want to go in smaller groups or in your own group, ask us for private tailor-made plans.

price per person in semi-private tour

$850 USD 1 person

$783 USD 2 persons

$732 USD 3 persons

$712 USD 4 -7 persons

Transportation from Santa Marta to Ciudad Perdida is shared with the regular groups.

✓ The tour in Ciudad Perdida goes with a private guide.

price per person in private tour

$1.197 USD 1 person

$926 USD 2 persons

$807 USD 3 persons

$753 USD 4 - 7 persons

✓ With exclusive private transportation.

✓ The tour in Ciudad Perdida goes with a private guide.


It is important to understand that the food included in the plan is prepared by the people of the community and the menu is based on typical products of the region, avoiding the use of products from other regions. If you wish you can ask for the details of this menu and in case you need or want food that is not from the area, we ask for your understanding and suggest that you bring it as part of your luggage.

dAY 1

Santa Marta - Mamey - Camp 1

-Camp facilities: Electricity, bathrooms and showers.

Approximate time: Santa Marta - Mamey (3 hs. by vehicle); Mamey to Camp 1 (4 hs.) The tour to Ciudad Perdida starts from the moment we pick you up or with your arrival to our office facilities, from here we leave by jeep on a journey of approximately 3 hours to the path of Mamey, where we will begin our walk of about 7.6 km. Halfway we will stop at the Mirador de las tres cruces to taste delicious fruits and continue to the first cabin "Adán" or "Alfredo" a few minutes ahead, where we will spend our first night. During this tour we will enjoy the natural pools that the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta offers us and in which we can take a delicious bath.

dAY 2

Camp 1 - Camp 3 "Paraíso Teyuna" (Teyuna Paradise)

-Facilities in the camp: Electricity, toilets and showers (limited).

Approximate time: Camp 1 to Camp 2 (3 hs); Camp 2 to Mutanyi (20 min.); Mutanyi to Camp 3 "Paraíso Teyuna" (5 hs.) Our new day brings us another adventure where after breakfast, we start the journey from the first camp to the second "Cabaña Wiwa" where we can enjoy a refreshing swim in the Buritaca River while we wait for lunch. After a short rest our adventure continues into the Sierra Nevada, bordering an indigenous village of the Kogui community called "Mutanyi" and continue until we reach the third camp "Paraiso Teyuna", where we will spend the night our second day. Facilities at camp 3: Toilets and showers, electricity powered by generator (from 6 pm/9pm.)

dAY 3

Camp 3 "Paraíso Teyuna"- Ciudad Perdida - Wiwa Camp

-Camp facilities: Electricity is powered by generator and only runs from 6pm-9pm. Showers and toilets.

Approximate time: Camp 3 to Ciudad Perdida (1 hs.); Tour in the Archaeological Park (3 hs); Camp 3 to Camp 2 (4 hs) Very early we have breakfast, we will walk 2 km to start the ascent to our desired Ciudad Perdida climbing 1,200 steps that lead us to this majestic stone city composed of intercommunicated roads, retaining walls, terraces with rings where the dwellings of the ancient Tayrona people rested. All surrounded by a magical jungle of fauna and flora that gives us different views and landscapes from the sunniest days to the cloud forest. Here we can also meet the leader and protector of Mother Nature and the ancient Tayrona empire. After our tour we will descend to our third camp "Paraíso Teyuna" for lunch and then return to the second camp "Cabaña Wiwa" where we will spend the night. Facilities at camp 2: Electricity, bathrooms and showers (limited).

dAY 4

Wiwa al Mamey Camp (6 hours)

- Our adventure in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is almost over, after breakfast, you will leave on a hike of approximately 2 hours to Adam or Alfredo's camp where you slept the first night. Once at the first camp you will take a quick fruit and water break and continue for another 4 hours all the way back to El Mamey where you will have lunch and board a 4x4 van that will take you back to Santa Marta.


- Transportation 4x4 (Santa Marta - Mamey - Santa Marta). 

- Meals during the tour.

 - Lodging in campsites (hammocks or beds with awning) 

- Entrance to the archaeological park Teyuna (ICANH) 

- Travel insurance 

- Contributions to the peasant and indigenous communities 

- Licensed guide


- Mules during the trek 

- Visit to the Mamo 

- Beers and drinks 

- Shopping tour and/or visits to other tourist attractions. 

- Handicrafts and tips.


You can bring your own hammock with mosquito net and a light sleeping bag.

✓Tenis or Mountain Shoes.

✓Sandals (1) pair or shoes for resting.


✓Personal Medicines (if needed).

✓Short, rash guard or cotton walking shorts (3)

✓Cotton T-Shirts (3)


✓Socks or socks (3) pairs

✓ Towel

✓Sweatshirt or long pants for the evening

✓Long sleeve shirt for the evening.

✓Insect Repellent.


✓1 liter bottle of water.



If you are going to cancel your trip:

1. Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the departure date and 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded, apart from any deductions or penalties previously established by the suppliers, when the services are not used. This refund will be made within 30 calendar days from the date the claim is made. If the cancellation is not made 5 days in advance, the money will not be refunded. 

2. If the client does not show up for the trip, no refund will be made.

3. In the event that the user of the tourist services, fails to use the agreed services, whatever the cause, the Agency may require at its option the payment of 20% of the total price or rate established or retain the deposit or advance previously received from the user.

4. In fortuitous cases (climatic changes, natural disasters, landslides, mishaps in air, land or river transportation) in which the trip has to be cancelled, Colombia Oculta will return 90% of the deposit of the reservation. 

See Terms and Conditions of Colombia Oculta SAS

Booking and Payment Processes

Reserve at least 5 days in advance.

Contact us to start the Pre-Reservation process: reservas@colombiaoculta.org

Tell us if you need air tickets and the dates of your trip.

Once the Pre-Reservation is assigned choose the METHOD OF PAYMENT:

Option 1:

International bank transfer consignment:

Bancolombia. Savings account # 33600026475


To the name of Colombia Oculta SAS NIT 900207968

Send via mail (reservas@colombiaoculta.org) the proof of payment with name, ID number or passport copy of the passengers and age.

Option 2:

Credit Card (To do this you must already have a pre-booking assigned).


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