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Mituseña Urania - Guacamayas Hills - Cock of the Rock - Flecha Hill



20 - 23 Jun

25 - 28 July

22 - 25 de August

5 - 8  September

24 - 27 de October

$742 USD per person


At any time of the year, with your family or friends, with previous organization.



Mituseño-Urania, Cubea ethnicity.

The adventure begins (after picking you up where we agree) with a motorcycle tour to the indigenous reserve of Mituseña Urania.  We will visit the maloka and the kubay hill, where we will be able to appreciate birds and a great view of the jungle. In this reservation we will make a beautiful ride in Potrillo (silent paddle canoe) through the flooded forests watching birds. The indigenous community of the resguardo will present us with a small sample of their traditional dances. We will spend the night at the hotel in the city of Mitú. The night will be free for you to explore the city as you feel like.


Guacamayas Hills

The tepuis or rock hills of Mitú are impressive and hold a beautiful mysticism. This time we will visit Cerro de las Guacamayas. To reach its summit we will walk along a comfortable trail through the jungle for 2 hours. The view from the hill is spectacular, with the whole panorama of the immensity of the Vaupés Amazon. This hill is part of the Mitu Cachivera indigenous reservation. We will visit the white sand forests and climb one of the highest rocky outcrops of Mitú, where we will appreciate the orchids and birds of the place. We will also be able to see the most colorful orchids of the area, the greater epidendrum and lesser epidendrum. In Caño Sangre we will take a refreshing bath, a sensation that can only be experienced here in the jungle streams. In the afternoon, we will take a river trip on the giant Vaupés River. In the evening we will arrive back at our hotel to rest.


Cock of the Rock and City of Mitú

The gift of the day will be the Cock of the Rock (rupicola rupicola). We will visit the Cerro del Venado, where this magnificent bird lives and can only be observed with a lot of silence and patience, among other things, only early risers can receive this gift. Don't forget to bring your binoculars or your long lens camera, because seeing it up close is the best delight you can give yourself ;) nothing like seeing the phosphorescent flash of this bird when it flies in the Guyanese jungle forest... The Cerro del Venado is also a rocky outcrop of the Guyanese shield, that mixture between tepui and jungle is one of the most impressive things that Vaupés presents us. 

The city of Mitú has a great potential in culture and contrasts. Like any capital city, it has infinite stories and cultural traits, one of them is that 90% of its inhabitants are indigenous, so they give a special particularity to the energy of the place. This afternoon we will make a City Tour to visit the church, visit the murals and the beach along the Vaupés river. Walking along this boardwalk is like going back in time to a place where time does not exist, its guaduals keep a very placid freshness. 

In the evening we will return to our hotel to rest.


Tepui Flecha Hill - Ceima Cachivera

We will venture on a very easy and quiet hike to the tepui Cerro Flecha de Ceima Cachivera which has a 360 degree view of the Amazon rainforest.  We will also enjoy a swim in the natural pools of the Ceima Cahivera stream.  We will visit the traditional Maloca of this community, characteristic for its cheerful colors.

Prices per person

$742 USD

in open group travel 🙂

On private trips:

1 person $1,443 USD

2 persons $960 USD

3 to 5  persons $801 USD

6 to 10 persons $654 USD


Permanent Local Indigenous professional guide during all the days. 

Permanent local translator throughout the tour.

Permanent private transportation in Moto Carro for the displacements to the places.

3 nights of lodging in the city of Mitú. In the hotels that there is availability according to the date of your reservation:

Hotel Carayurú, Hotel Quenarí u Hotel Brasilia

Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks with permanent hydration throughout the tour. 

Entrance fee and permit to the Mituseña Urania Indigenous Reserve.

Potrillo ride day 1.

Indigenous cultural dance show at the Mituseña Urania Indigenous Reservation. 

Payment of entrance fee and permit to the Mitú Cachivera Indigenous Resguardo.

River trip on the Vaupés River day 2.

Bird watching in search of the Cock of the Rock, day 3.

Citytour Mitú, day 3.

Entrance fee and permit to the Ceima Cachivera Indigenous Reserve. Day 4.

Visit to Cerro Flecha. Day 4. 

Permanent medical assistance policy.

ía profesional Local Indígena permanente durante todos los días. 

Traductor local permanente en todo el tour.

Transporte privado permanente en Moto Carro para los desplazamientos a los lugares.

3 noches de alojamiento en la ciudad de Mitú. En los hoteles que haya disponibilidad según la fecha de tu reserva:

Desayunos, almuerzos, cenas y refrigerios con hidratación permanente durante todo el tour. 

Does not include

x Expenses not stipulated

x Tourist tax in Mitú. $33.000

x Tips

x Alcoholic beverages

x Air tickets

Additional Services

Issuance of commercial air tickets.

General Recommendations

Follow the guide's recommendations, follow the itinerary schedules, forget about everyday life during the trip and let yourself be immersed in the natural beauty of the place. Connect your mind with the place and ask permission beforehand to Mother Nature to be in these sacred temples.  Do not pick up stones or carry them, as they may disturb the spiritual environment of the place. Walk in silence and carry: 

A change of clothes for travel on flights and ground travel. 

A change of clothes for walking (long pants that convert to Bermuda shorts, camibuso or long-sleeved T-shirt, tennis or walking boots or river sandals).

A change of clothes for sleeping (long pants that converts to Bermuda shorts, camibuso or long sleeve t-shirt, tennis or walking boots or river sandals).

Toiletries (toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, etc).

Let us know if you are vegetarian or have any dietary condition.

Rubber boots



Binoculars if you want to see birds.

Identity documents.  

Personal medication

Bathing suit

Water bottle

Sun hat

Sunblock, natural without chemicals. Or do not use.

Insect repellent (we recommend taking teamina a week before the trip) (abundant).

Flashlight and spare battery.


Solar powerbank (preferably to charge your camera and cell phone batteries).

Ziploc bags of various sizes to store electronics.

Everything stowed

Water purifying filter or purifying tablets.

Small towel

No camouflaged items

Waterproof poncho. 

Be vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus (not mandatory, we only suggest it).

Present Covid vaccination card or antigen or Pcr tests. 

Hands free backpack of 35 Lt for treks and hopefully everything stored in this backpack. 

Average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius can get up to 35 degrees with humidity.

Some hikes are done on unmarked trails. It is important to wear shoes with good grip and if possible a walking stick.

Gifts for the communities. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY. ONLY IF BORN FROM THE HEART: school supplies, notebooks, colors, paints, children's stories, fishing nylons, hooks, rubber boots, clothes for children and adults, flashlights or solar energy lamps, etc.

Booking and Payment Processes

Reserve at least 5 days in advance.

Contact us to start the Pre-Reservation process: reservas@colombiaoculta.org

Tell us if you need air tickets and the dates of your trip.

Once the Pre-Reservation is assigned choose the METHOD OF PAYMENT:

Option 1:

International bank transfer consignment:

Bancolombia. Savings account # 33600026475


To the name of Colombia Oculta SAS NIT 900207968

Send via mail (reservas@colombiaoculta.org) the proof of payment with name, ID number or passport copy of the passengers and age.

Different banks around the world charge different fees for international transfers. On average it is 2.5%. When the money arrives in our bank account, we will show you our bank statement to verify the amount you paid. This will be the valid value applied to your reservation. 

Option 2:

Credit Card (To do this you must already have a pre-booking assigned).


Wompi Bancolombia



If you are going to cancel your trip:

1. Cancellations must be made 5 days prior to the departure date and 90% of the reservation deposit will be refunded, apart from any deductions or penalties previously established by the suppliers, when the services are not used. This refund will be made within 30 calendar days from the date the claim is made. If the cancellation is not made 5 days in advance, the money will not be refunded. 

2. If the client does not show up for the trip, no refund will be made.

3. In the event that the user of the tourist services, fails to use the agreed services, whatever the cause, the Agency may require at its option the payment of 20% of the total price or rate established or retain the deposit or advance previously received from the user.

4. In fortuitous cases (climatic changes, natural disasters, landslides, mishaps in air, land or river transportation) in which the trip has to be cancelled, Colombia Oculta will return 90% of the deposit of the reservation. 

See Terms and Conditions of Colombia Oculta SAS.

Why Colombia Oculta? 

Because we are conscious beings. We like to support native communities and we believe that tourism is one of the healthiest ways to grow the fair and solidary economy of the country. Because we weave relationships with indigenous communities and we like that the guides and people who collaborate with us are local and indigenous. But also whites, blacks, mestizos and people of all races. In the end we are all children of Mother Earth. Thank you for choosing us ;