San José del Guaviare


This city is a natural and indescribable treasure to be discovered. In all the natural corners that are around San José we can find countless places full of magic and beauty. A sample of this is the famous Orion's Gate, the entrance to the mythical "Giant Orion", who passes through the Guaviare to enter his home, his constellation. 

Very close to the door we find the Nevera cave, spectacular for speleology. And reach these places walking through the Labyrinths, rock formations that are part of the Serrania de la Lindosa and keep a silent mystique petrified.



2 days 1 night:  $421 USD

3 days 2 nights: $553 USD

4 days 3 nights: $686 USD

5 days 4 nights: $818 USD


On dates that suit you and your family or friends.

Summer season: December 15 to April 30. You go to Ciudad de Piedra and sunset on the river. You do not see the Colors river but you go to Nedra Lagoon.  You can see the Raudal.  Winter season: May 1 to December 15. You go to Ciudad de Piedra and Los Pozos.  You can see the Colors river.  Raudal is not seen.

5D - 4N

Ciudad de Piedra - Raudal de Angosturas 2 (only in summer) - Piscina del Amor (Pool of Love) 

Cave paintings of Cerro Azul - Pink Dolphin in Laguna del Nare - Orion's Gate - River of Colors (winter only)

Orion's Gate - River of Colors (winter only)

4D - 3N

Ciudad de Piedra - Cave paintings of Cerro Azul - Pink Dolphins in Damas del Nare - Orion's Gate - Rio de Colores (winter only) - Laguna Negro (summer only)

3D - 2N

Cerro Azul Cave Paintings - Pink Dolphins - Laguna Damas del Nare - Orion's Gate - Black Lagoon (summer only) - Colored River (winter only)

2D - 1N

Cerro Pinturas - Pink Dolphins

Why Colombia Oculta? 

Because we are conscious beings. We like to support native communities and we believe that tourism is one of the healthiest ways to grow the fair and solidary economy of the country. Because we weave relationships with indigenous communities and we like that the guides and people who collaborate with us are local and indigenous. But also whites, blacks, mestizos and people of all races. In the end we are all children of Mother Earth. Thank you for choosing us ;