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nature, adventure, indigenous cultures and community-based tourism

...We take you to the most remote places in Colombia... To the most remote places of it's lands... 

We seek peace through tourism as an engine for nature conservation and community reconciliation.

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community rural tourism


One way to save Colombia from the difficulties that have been pressing it for hundreds of years is the alternative of Solidarity Tourism in rural and urban communities.

That is our goal. 

tourism and coservation

Involving local communities in healthy production chains through host services, where they are free to lead their territory governance processes in order to allow forests and ecosystems to be protected and conserved. Free from the threat of extinction.  

Colombia Oculta has, since 2012, adopted a Forest Reserve in the Macarena Meta, on the banks of Caño Cristales, called Madre Selva. These 45 hectares are destined to be exclusively for conservation purposes and the hub of inspiration for the environmental and tourist community construction in the area.